Four years on… I am still me.

Yes, its been four years since the break-up.
Yes, I do remember.
Yes, I still love which is why I will never forgive or forget…

Everything’s the same yet everything’s changed.

I am still me.

I have recently quit my job.
Going to work everyday. Dealing with screaming, angry people drains me emotionally…
It just doesn’t inspire or motivate anymore.
I had enough…
It’s time to let go of my fears of not being able to find a new job and that false sense of security that the current job provides and just move on.

And, I am still me.

Decided to go travel and not look for a job.
I have trips booked from May till October 2013!
Needed a break from all the mundane, routine & boring stuff.
Wanted to experience more of the world.
Maybe something, someone or somewhere will inspire and guide me to where I am supposed to be headed.

But, I am still me.

Everyone looked at me in horror when I told them that I quit my job to go travel.

I have always been unpredictable and I enjoy being like this.
Tried rationalizing whatever I felt:

In the 20s – it is always more employable then 30s, 40s or 50s and it will be easier to find another job or switch career now as compared to when I am older.
I am young, healthy, energetic and I  can afford to have more adventures now.

In the 30s – What if I wanted to buy a car, a house or I finally met someone & wanted to settle down? By then I may have other commitments and I may not be able to do as I wish or just jet off whenever I want to go on a solo trip…

In the 40s – By then my parents are 70-80s. What if they are ill and I need to look after them?

In the 50s – What if I am no longer as healthy/fit & I can’t go for the trips anymore???

So the right time is NOW!!!

& I did. I quit my job to travel.


I am still me.

Everything’s the same yet everything’s changed.


About iamanonconformist

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." By Marilyn Monroe, 1926 -1962.
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