Cliched as it might be… but Love Hurts.

Its been 2 years 10 months+.

Can’t believe that it still hurts…

As much as it did back then…

Wonder when it will stop hurting? & What if it never does?

Love never goes away. At least not for me.

It just doesn’t suddenly stop, disappear or is replaced by another.

Those abandoned love, they occupy a permanent place in my heart.

My love is irreversible. Maybe that’s why it hurts so much…

What about the people who moved on?
Does it hurts for them as well?
Where did their love go?
Maybe it wasn’t love? 
Maybe there was never love in the first place?
Then how did it feel so real?
& how can it still hurt so bad?

At least, I know that mine’s the real deal…

“If you love and get hurt, love more.
If you love more and hurt more, love even more.
If you love even more and get hurt even more, love some more until it hurts no more…” 
William Shakespeare


About iamanonconformist

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." By Marilyn Monroe, 1926 -1962.
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