When did it get so complicated?

It’s disturbing to know what some guys think, especially what that normal guy in the streets think.

Mr J: I hope that she is hoping that I’ll ask her out again.
Mr T: Women are capable of playing mind games.Be careful not to fall into that hole so fast.
Miss J: Yes.
Mr T: Should have a safety net to guard yourself.
Mr J: I already fell into it man.
Mr T: Don’t pin any hope for now and don’t let her see any soft fragile side of you.
Me: Where is the fun in life & love if need to have safety net?
Mr T: Now what era? Humans are not as simple as before. If she’s a player that’s it! She will grab your tail & turn you round & round!
Miss J: Ya lo.
Me: Love should be full of fun & adventure. Even lessons to be learnt from mistakes.
Mr J: Nah… I won’t show the fragile side anymore. But I like the feeling I have now.
Mr T: And, don’t show any sense of sweetness or affection.
Me: How do you know it wouldn’t work if you never tried your best?
Miss J: Mr T is jaded.
Me: Isn’t life tiring if you have to keep being wary of people and keep calculating who wins more?
Mr J: Yea… It is. But this is how the game is played.
Mr T: Agree with Mr J.
Me: Play???
Mr T: Not being passive but it’s rather hard to decipher a person’s thoughts nowadays.
Miss J: Huh? Really ah? Why guys like that?
Me: How you know she is not waiting for you to take action first? After all, girl what…
Miss J: Last time, just like each other is enough.
Mr T: Now the era is that there are many choices. People have choices and we are one of their options. And you will never know what went wrong when that person just vanish into thin air.
Me: Why so complicated?
Mr J: We never know what… This kind of thing. So I’m not reading too much.
Me: So is pride more important or happiness?
Mr J: Both important, But I need to show that I am not needy.
Miss J: Pride important.
Me: Miss someone just says hi or ask about her day or just ask her out lah. If she is not interested, probably wont go out with you or wont reply you. I don’t understand why people so complicated.
Mr J: Wish it can be simpler but nope it’s not happening.
Me: For me, it’s always very simple. I think its life. If it hurts, you know you tried. And, that you are living… It’s the scariest when you feel nothing or don’t allow yourself to feel for others. Might as well not be alive.
Miss J: Emotionally void. I think some of us here are like that now.
Me: “Life is pain. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something – William Goldman

Miss J:  “If you love and get hurt, love more.
If you love more and hurt more, love even more.
If you love even more and get hurt even more, love some more until it hurts no more…― William Shakespeare”

-End of conversation-

My thoughts were:
I don’t know about mind games.
Maybe that’s why I always get hurt?
Nobody told me that it was a game.
I never knew that there were rules?
Why so complicated?
This can explain my dozen of failed relationships.
Maybe I have been doing it wrong all along???
So I should start playing?

But I won’t know how to…
I am just me.
Plain old me.
Honest me.
Straightforward me.
Direct me.

Still myself.
Still looking for that someone who just wants to be with me.
Not for me to be someone else.
Because I can never be.

From: {曲家瑞KristyChaRayOfficial}

真的懂, 你的人
因為你 是你而 愛上你

真不懂, 妳的人
卻因為 妳是妳 離開妳 …

真想懂, 你的人
也會盡 全力去 看見你

就算不 再是妳
也永遠 在乎妳

真正懂, 妳的人…


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"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." By Marilyn Monroe, 1926 -1962.
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