“Is Procreation Ethical?” – Is that even a question???

I was watching Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour Season 1.

They talked about the “Last Generation Movement” and the “freaks” who embrace the idea of being the last generation & not wanting to bring future genaration into this polluted & corrupted world .

Suddenly, I felt less lonely. Wow… Nice… There are people who actually share my views.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been thinking about what’s so good about living & having children?

I am not even suicidal or depressed. I lead an adequate life though not luxurious. I am happy mostly. I have many friends & family members who care for & love me. If you ask them, they will describe me as a happy-go-lucky, confident & positive person.

When I was in Secondary School, I told my friends & classmates that I have decided never to have children. That I feel there’s too much pain & suffering in this world and that I should spare anyone else from having to experience all these. & that I repeatedly asked my parents why they brought me out to this world? Why didn’t anyone asked me for my opinion & whether if I wanted to be brought out to this world?

Of course, everyone told me that its only a phase & that I will change my mind.

Started to do some research online & came across an excellent post. I think that I began understand myself a little better.


Extract from the post:

“If an action you took necessarily results (albeit indirectly) in the death of another person, is it ethical for you to take this action? “

The intuitive answer that most people would give is “Of course it is UNETHICAL!”

However, these people would have no qualms about the act of procreation.

Yet, Procreation is an Act which Necessarily results in the death of another Person.

As soon as a person is conceived, the only certain event in his/her life is Death.

This person would not have a choice in the matter. The conception of this person is not a consented event — in conceiving a new person and hence making his death an inevitable event, the consent rights of this person is violated.

Yet few people ever see it this way.

The author pose some questions in the post & my replies are as follows:

1a. “If an action you took necessarily results (albeit indirectly) in the death of another person, is it ethical for you to take this action? ”

1b. If yes, is Procreation an unethical act, because all procreated people will necessarily die one day?

I believe that all so-called ethics & values were created by mankind. Over time, generations, societies, cultures, humankind evolve. What is ‘right’ or ‘ethical’ in a society/culture/period may not be acceptable in another society/culture/period. (E.g: polygamy vs monogamy – In the past, China Emperors can have thousands of wives, In modern-day context, certain muslim groups are allowed to have more than one wife and yet at the same time, polygamy is illegal in many countries.)

Ethics are like religion or politics which are used to ‘control’ people. Government set up laws, ministries set rules & regulations, religious groups come up with all sorts of myths/beliefs/superstitions to manipulate people into behaving in a certain way. societies/cultures come up with ‘ethics’.

Therefore, procreation may or may not be ethical depending on the person & the environment they were brought up in. (Like growing up in a traditional Chinese family whereby they stresses on filial piety & the continuation of the family line etc, most likely the person will be influenced into thinking that it is their responsibility to procreate & that it is the correct/ethical way since they were only taught this since the beginning; it was never even a choice & it have never occurred to them otherwise).

2. What is so good about humanity that we should preserve it by creating new people?

To be honest, I think humans are really most selfish beings ever. Exactly like what was taught in Economics, our wants are unlimited. Pollution, wars, terrorism, consumerism, capitalism etc… At least, I think that the world will not be worse off without humankind.

However, people will continue to procreate for many selfish reasons.

They want a part of them to live on, they like to feel needed, they need attention, they want their children to look after them when they are old, they want the children to fulfil what they couldn’t but not even bother to ask if that is what the child wants, they want to pass on, impose or inflict their ideologies, beliefs, theories onto the future generation thus ensuring their own immortality.

Which is the biggest illusion of all; as homosapiens will not exist forever as proven in science & history. One day, like the dinosaurs, we shall be extinct as well.


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"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." By Marilyn Monroe, 1926 -1962.
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